So it was that time of year again.

This is your last chance, to either catch up or be early for next year!


Valentine's Day can be a pretty expensive day to celebrate. Flowers suddenly become more expensive, jewellery is already quite steeply priced and restaurants pimp everything with overpriced menus. And they're full too!

Valentine's Day gives couples high expectations and leaves single people out.

So what's great about it?

Well, roses are still red, I got the flue,
if you wish to stay in bed, we got you covered there too.
Together or single, we'll get you comfort to mingle
and when you buy more, the gifting will soar.

We guarantee comfort at our usual prices. We're even throwing in a LOVELY 30% when you buy two articles or more from our Valentine collection.

Use code NOTALONE23 upon checkout.

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