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When the tough gets goin', bring active socks.

A pair of Black Socks with white details, or any other colour combo... Pretty self-explanatory, just like with our 3-pack of black socks. However, this is an active pair with a contoured fit, designed to stay in place making it great for high intensity activities. Add arch support and a reinforced heel and you're all set.

Go conquer the world in your socks!

Our socks, especially the active socks have been tested through all kinds of activities (most certainly on angry little brats dragging their feet) and have shown to be durable and comfy! However, if you yell at them for long enough, they may not love you back.

Disclaimer: Most of our models contain our patented PackageFront® technology and the extreme comfort we are known for. Flat-lock seams, Balls Squeeze Avoidance (BSA) and Reduced Heat Transfer (RHT) technology elegantly restricting movement on your most intimate pair of friends. Now, you may consider your toes to be your most intimate friends and we would partially agree. Unfortunately, the genious part of our invention does not cater to your toes. That, dear friends does not mean your feet won't be Comfy!

Material: 80% cotton / 18% polyester / 2% elastane.

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