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This is ballsy! Our first swimwear for men! Classic fit with PackageFront(R) brief inside!

Perfect for swimming, beaches and parties! Mind you, we've also seen it used for knitting, lawn mowing, nude (wait, what?) horseback riding and corporate presentations.

We're also proud to annouce a drawstring, zippered pocket in addition to the fabric being soft and light. You or your friends will immediately want to hug the person wearing this.

Disclaimer: you a sucker for awkward hugs and pure comfort? This one's for you.
Disclaimer2: worried about the advantagous "presentation effect" our PackageFront(R) technology provides......fear not. We have you covered. It's valid for the boxers, not for the swimtrunks (Ooooouf!!!).

Our swimtrunks come in Navy Round Stripes, Pitch Black and Casual Ocean Round Striped versions.

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