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Introducing our Comfyballs Checkered Pajama Pants – where relaxation meets style in the coziest way possible! 😴🌟

Our pajama pants are designed to be your ultimate lounging companion, and guess what? They go perfectly with our Comfyballs boxers, or without... Why? Because they come equipped with our PackageFront® which holds the equipment in place and lifts it away from your thighs, preventing unnecessary heating and increases the comfort! An inner underwear "light", designed to keep your package in place. With a classic checkered pattern and a soft inner fabric, they bring a touch of timeless charm to your bedtime routine, making you the trendsetter of dreamland.

Crafted from fabric so soft, they feel like a bedtime hug from a cloud, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Whether you're binge-watching your favorite shows, enjoying a midnight snack, or simply catching some Z's, they will provide unmatched comfort.

Stay Comfy!

Cotton and POLYESTER - for your everyday first!

The combed single jersey Aegean cotton (40/1, 280 gr/m2) is our “weapon of choice” chosen for its high quality. The cotton fibres are combed before spun into yarns to avoid short fibres and unwanted particles. This makes the high-grade fabric extremely soft with impressive durability. We add Lycra to give a strong and flexible hold and to maintain high fabric breathability.

All Comfyballs products are OEKO-TEX® 100 certified.

100% Cotton (Outside)/ 16% Polyester (Inner Underwear)

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