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Just let loose. This is where you get to "talk" to someone who understands. Therapy you say? Sure, why not, whatever spurs your balls. We'll listen though. We're here. And we've already put together what we think covers most of your questions.

The step just before therapy is right below.

My order
How long does it take?

We strive to ship the same day. If your order is placed after 14h00, sometimes it's shipped the day after. Within Switzerland we use standard Swiss Post, so 1-3 days.

I didn't get a confirmation mail...

It's very tempting to answer "yes you did", because it's automated. More constructive answers would be:
1. Checked your spam? We love sending mail to your spam and try not to miss your junk mail folder, ever.
2. Are you certain you spelled your mail address correctly?
3. Get in touch (contact form)

Where is my order?

Very likely on its way. However, you can check in your account on to find the tracking number displayed in your order. You can also check this in your shipping confirmation mail (which may be in your junk folder).

I've received the wrong items.

It should be rare, but if you have received the wrong item(s), please send us an email with your request to: info(a)

We'll deliver the correct item to you asap and find a solution for returning the wrong item.

Discounts and vouchers

Our discounts and vouchers are generally applicable on articles where the price is not already reduced. Neither are they cumulable.

Concretely, this means that an artice in the Outlet at -50% is out of reach, so would a multi-pack at -25% be too. And if you have two voucehrs/codes, we suggest to keep one for the next potential visit.

Exceptions to these rules exist, but these are exceptions.

Return Policy - underwear & 14 days

You can return items to us within 14 days of receiving your order.

Two remarks:
1. Don't forget it's underwear. Therefore, we can only accept UNOPENED and UNDAMAGED articles due to unsaleability, as our customers (you) expect flawless goods.
2. Items bought from our OUTLET section cannot be returned - there's a pretty good reason why we give you such an amazing discount.


1. send the return to the following return address:

sCHNOw Sàrl
Passage de Cardinal 11 / wood_iD
CH-1700 Fribourg

If possible, enclose your delivery note, the proof of purchase or a note with the order number so that we can help you properly.

Please also state your request or refer to a mail exchange.

The return shipment is at your own expense and please do not send as registered mail. It is sufficient to have proof of the return shipment or the tracking number.

you will receive a confirmation e-mail after the return has been checked.

potential refunds are made to the payment method used for the purchase. 

How fast is the refund?

Immediately after the returned items have been checked, the refund is initiated (to the payment method selected at the time of purchase).

How fast is the goods inspection?

Usually a week from reception of the items. Sometimes we're faster though. Much faster. Faster than you can say Comfyballs Men's boxer performance Superlight or just Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

That's fast.

What to do if something is defective / faulty?

Get yourself a nice cold beer immediately. We're buying. It's important to feel comfort, especially when mourning your loss.

Then, when you feel up to it, write us a mail to info(a) and send us a photo of the defect. Please include an image (readable pls) of the label in the back (on the inside) of the boxer, for quality improvement purposes. Include your order number.

In case of defective / unusable products due to a production error, you will receive a replacement.

Discounts and vouchers
General notes

Discounts and vouchers are non-cumulable, unless stated otherwise. In plain words, only one discount code or voucher per order.

We offer reduced price items on our web-site on a frequent basis, in the OUTLET section f.ex.

Discounts and vouchers cannot be used on reduced price items, except for when there are exceptions.....Qué?

My voucher/discount code does not work

Have you double checked its spelling? Capital or small letters should not matter.

It may also be that you are trying to use it on an item with a price which is already reduced. This is unfortunately not possible.

Starbucks got my order wrong...

...can you help? Not quite, but we can soothen your pain.

1. Get yourself a pair of Comfyballs asap.
2. Apply to your intimate parts.

Your disappointment will soon be replaced by pure comfort.

You're welcome.

Do Comfyballs handle all sizes?

ABSOLUTELY!! Comfyballs are designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes and shapes. In
fact, they're so flexible and perfectly shaped that they can even handle the most impressive of packages (tested on horses and other wild-life such as Norwegians). So whether you're well-endowed or a little bit smaller, Comfyballs have got you...wrapped.

What the science says...

Scientific fact: 8 women out of 10 prefer men wearing Comfyballs.

Which colour is the best?

It depends on your perspective. If you're a masochist, black would be a great choice because it absorbs all the heat and light. If you're an optimist, yellow's your thing because it's the color of sunshine and happiness. Pessimist? Try gray. Best color because it's just clouds and disappointment. If you're looking for something classic and timeless, then blue is it. It's the colour of the sky and the ocean, and it goes with everything. If you're feeling lonely
and isolated, go white. It's emptiness and isolation. Feeling rejected and is the colour of emotion, anger and rejection. For complete and utterly hopelessness, go purple, the ultimate colour of despair. For all other states of mind #staycomfy!

Will Comfyballs get me girls?

We're sorry, but we cannot provide personal advice based on specific products. It is ultimately up to an individual's personality and actions to determine whether or not they are successful in attracting others. Wearing Comfyballs or any other product is not a guarantee of attracting someone.

On second thought, yup, we think it'll help.

Is life better in a boxer?



Can Comfyballs save my relationship?

Nope, of course not. But if you get
to keep the Comfyballs, you'll be comfy.


What's the famous Comfyballs effect?

Dad always said: "when you see something wrong in the world, you can either do something, or you can do nothing". We tried doing nothing for years.

Then Grandpa told us to go out and grab the world by the balls.

So we did. And came up with Comfyballs.

Now we're conquering the world. By its balls.

Examples of the Comfyballs effect can be found by following us on Instagram.


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