We wrap your balls since 2012.

Oslo, early 2012. The idea was born from an observed challenge…how to best provide comfort for your intimate parts? It was driven by a more and more evident lack of functionality and innovation in men's ordinary underwear. No boxer briefs on the market provided adequate support, even less so during sports. After thousands of hours spent at his wife's sowing machine adding seams to existing underwear, and after mountains of mistakes and flawed prototypes, Anders Selvig (inventor, creator, guy with balls) finally found a piste. Along our adventure, we believe to have discovered what it takes to design and produce the comfiest boxer briefs the world has ever seen.

A journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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Designed in Norway

Scandinavian Cool

Scandinavians live and design natural coolness. This creates a passionate fusion between functionality and fashion which
leads to a unique collaboration marrying the expected with the unexpected.


The Comfy side of life

Hygge is a state of well-being. Hygge is happiness. Hygge is an intimate and warm atmosphere. Hygge is a positive state of mind. Hygge is comforting,

7 out of 10 Scandinavians claim that happiness is found at home.

Home is where your balls are.



Size matters?

The optimal combination of elasticity, form, material and flatlock seams resulted in the PackageFront®.

Instead of pressing your intimate parts down and towards your body (skin on skin), we give them a proper lift,
enhancing support and breathing ability, transporting heat and sweat away from your body. And yes, we lift all sizes.

There are even rumours of a pleasant presentation effect, confirmed by our clients' (happy) wives.

Our values - The Scandinavian cool.

  • Rebel at heart

    Think different - be different

    Thinking and seeing the new, fun loving rule benders.

    A new and innovative way of thinking clothes, standing out.

    Passion in what I do.

  • High standards

    Quality products at an attainable price.

    Trusted and reliable in all situations (everyday, sports and special occasions)

    Your preferred brand all day

  • Naturally environmental

    What's good for the environment is good for my body

    Products designed for my future

    Comfyballs is part of your progressive and trendy lifestyle.


The Comfyballs legacy

The Comfyballs legacy

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Comfyballs legacy

Comfyballs legacy