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Experience the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made with Comfyballs Switzerland. Our unique PackageFront technology ensures the perfect fit, while our stylish designs conquer wardrobes worldwide. Explore our main collections Cotton, ComfyCel©, Performance and Apparel. Stay comfy with our latest arrivals and special editions, for both men and women.

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Earth Day!

Earth rhymes with birth. However lame that may sound, the Earth's Birthday is upon us. Or rather, the day where we show support for environmental protection.

Dress up in green and show support? Or simply get comfortable at an earthly discount.


Spring is in the air. Nature awakens. And you?

Spring 2024 !

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Which side do you lean to? The fierce love of the "animal in you", or a cooler and calmer state of mind?

What makes you tick?

Or do you do both? But then, one after the other or both at the same time?

For all time. Always. STAY COMFY!

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The most comfortable boxer ever made?

Traditional boxer trunks are not designed to keep your equipment sufficiently in place. We wanted to change that, and have developed what we believe are the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made. When you wear Comfyballs, you wear them.

Stay Comfy!