Traditional boxer trunks are not designed to keep your equipment sufficiently in place. We wanted to change that, and have developed what we believe are the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made.

We have worked hard and long to find the perfect cut. Comfyballs® trunks are tailored using flat-lock seams and fabrics for superior comfort and breathability, and all boxers incorporate our own PackageFront®, designed for ultimate comfort by reducing heat transfer and restricting movement.

Why you should choose Comfyballs


PackageFront is designed to keep your equipement in place, whilst being lifted away from the inside of your thighs.

This helps preventing unnecessary heating of the testicles and gives an especially comfortable experience. After your first pair you will not be surprised why so many love Comfyballs!


Nobody likes sweaty balls.

Thats why we are so strict about sewing our boxers with fabrics that breathe really well. All of our boxers are made from super soft Oeko-Tex certified fabric which gives maximal comfort and breathability. Comfyballs will definitely give you a pleasant experience throughout your day, regardless of the activity!


Perfect fit.

Every single one of our Comfyballs boxers are made with carefully shaped panels that give the boser the entirely right fit. All models are also higher in the back that in front, and the fit in combination with innovative une of elastic stiches lifts the user experience to a whole new level.