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Several classic coloured, classic fit sweater for all bodyshapes. The inside is soooo soft that you can wear it without anything underneath. Sports a lovely crewneck with a relaxed fit.

The small logo in the form of two white balls is the Comfyballs logo. Discretely done.

This versatile sweater is intended for use in everyday life or for keeping the warmth while training.

Comfort all around, with our Comfywear.

"More durable than regular cotton: If cotton underwear can last a long time and have a long lifespan, underwear made by Comfycel(R) will last even longer and, at the same time, look good after long-term use.
Texture and softness: Comfycel(R) has a narrow surface and is about twice as soft as regular cotton, making it the ultimate choice of underwear with direct contact with the skin. Also, as the fabric drapes nicely, it does not curl either.
Moisture-absorbing and antibacterial properties: Comfycel(R) underwear is at least 50% more absorbent than ordinary cotton and provides a less favorable environment for bacterial growth.
Breathability: Comfycel(R) transports natural moisture and thus helps with body temperature regulation and the skin's cooling system. The underwear keeps you cool and dry, even after a sweaty workout.
Sustainable and environmentally conscious production: We produce Comfycel(R) through ethical and closed processes. A minimum of water and chemicals guarantees minimal environmental impact and waste in the production phase. "

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