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A bra so comfortable, even your couch will be jealous! This isn't just any black bra – it's the black bra that has 'comfy' written all over it... well, technically, just once, in white.

Crafted from our top-tier Comfycel material, it's softer than a politician's promise and more reliable too! Whether you're conquering board meetings or binge-watching your favorite shows, let this bra be the supportive friend you didn’t know you needed. Who knew luxury could be this comfortable?

Warning: Prolonged wear may lead to excessive confidence, spontaneous dance breaks, and an overwhelming urge to brag about your bra to friends. Wear responsibly.

Stay Comfy!

COMFYCEL® - daily luxury for your most loved parts.

Made from a melange of Lyocell fibres and Aegean cotton, ensuring pure comfort with a sustainable fabric.

Lyocell is increasingly popular due to its environmentally friendly production. Our own-developed COMFYCEL® uses the latest and best of Lyocell in an optimal mix with cotton and elastane.

Known to be pleasant to the skin, COMFYCEL® is 50% more absorbent than cotton. It regulates your body temperature, keeps you dry and leaves no smell. It's even hypoallergenic and doesn't cling.

We also use combed single jersey Aegean COTTON for its extreme quality. Read more about it under any cotton model.

47% Cotton / 47% Lyocell / 6% Elastane®

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