How to care for your Comfyballs.

How to care for your Comfyballs.

You might ask yourself how to best care for your Comfyballs, your new favourite men's boxer? Makes sense, since you're here... If you stumbled here by chance and have no idea what Comfyballs are, have a look around. You never know, you may even find something you like (for your balls at least.....).

In this article we share our recommendations and some technicals with you, i.e. what to do and what not to, to respect the material.

By the way, we're also CARBON NEUTRAL and if you're also interested in what you can do on top of this from an ecological perspective, read our CARBON NEUTRAL article here.

General take-aways / our recommendations :


Tumble dryer (no) : All Comfyballs can be tumble dried on Low, but should not be tumble dried on Warm. Consider this your house pet - do not tumble dry warm. Furthermore, our magnificent and ever-silky waistband is made of elastane. Elastance is not a friend of warm temperatures. So ideally, do not tumble dry at all. Fresh air is by far enough.


Fabric softeners (no) : Not necessary. No need. Really not. Even discouraged as it negatively impacts the material of the waistband.


Wash with similar colours (yes) : A good rule that applies to all clothes, organic or man-made fibers is to wash similar colours together. At least light with light, dark with dark, and maybe keep the red on its own? All coloured fabrics release some colour during the first 1-2 washes, and organic fabrics shrink slightly. The only way to reduce colour-release to "zéro" (please pronounce with a French accent for more fun) is by using additives/chemicals. This would not allow us to obtain the Oeko-Tex certification for our products, and this is important to us.


If you have skin allergies or sensitive skin, wash the product before first use, but it shouldn't be necessary. If you're a fan of Grandma's magic, you can simply leave the boxer overnight in the freezer.


The more technical stuff:

All Comfyballs can be washed at both 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. No negative effects. 

During production, Comfyballs fabrics are tested for colour run-off
and shrinkage before it is sewed and after the product is completed.
We wash test all our productions in all colours, at 40, 60 and 90 degrees.


1st shrinkage at 40 degrees is < 1%, and colour run-off from dark to white organic fabric is not measurable.


1st shrinkage at 60 degrees is < 1.5%, and colour run-off from dark to white organic matter is present, but difficult to quantify. If you have white clothing that is no longer 100% white, colour run-off from darker clothes is the culprit.



1st shrinkage at 90 degrees is < 3.5%, and colour run-off from dark to white organic fabric is measurable.


NOTE: a 90° wash puts significant stress on both organic and man-fibres. At 90° is possible, but not recommended. The elastic will age much faster and become "crispy".


LYCRA®, or where some magic happens.

All Comfyballs contain LYCRA®. LYCRA® is elastane of the best (and most expensive) quality. The brand is owned by Invista (formerly Dupont Textiles). Due to manufacturer warranties, Invista requires we indicate a maximum 40 degrees on the washing instructions. Most underwear brands containing Elastan/LYCRA or other synthetic fibers indicate a wash limit of 40 degrees, some even 30 (some also 30 degrees, hand wash).

Elastane is no longer patent-regulated and most mass-produced garments today use generic elastane since it is cheaper and less durable. We don't.

This is the Comfyballs way.


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