Our Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign - THANK YOU!

The results from Our Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. Thank you for your contribution.


We thought we had a great idea.....


Comfyballs' Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

The month of October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year. This is a very serious theme. Unlike us at Comfyballs, cancer doesn't care who you are. If affects us all somehow, sometime, somewhere during our lifetimes. Every year, close to 6'500 (99% women!) mothers, daughters, fathers and sons contract breast cancer in Switzerland. The efforts to inform, advise and raise awareness on the topic are immense and immensely appreciated by those who are touched by the disease. For more information, visit the Swiss Cancer League.


The Swiss Cancer League


...but had our reserves...

For miscellaneous reasons, we felt concerned and wanted to contribute. Obviously this posed a challenge: were we the "right" channel for this? Our  communication style at Comfyballs is light, anywhere between 2nd to 4th degree humour, quite dark sometimes, very ballsy and highly related to our intimate parts. Well yes, WE. SELL. UNDERWEAR......a stark contrast to the sad theme we'd love to support. How would you, our "tribe", you who follow us regularly react? We had no way to know.


...and you proved us wrong (right?)!

You showed up. You helped. You contributed. You cared. You proved our doubts wrong and showed us that the idea was right. THANK YOU. 

Thanks to you, we have been able to donate a Comfortable CHF 1'600,-.


The Swiss Cancer League, thank you letter for Comfyballs


Thanks to your efforts, this rather satisfying result now allows us to proudly wear this badge on our.....chest.


Swiss Cancer League Supporter Badge


Thank you again.
Paal - team Comfyballs



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