Is the 2nd half of summer the best?

Can summer be split into 1st and 2nd half? Like watching a game? End July, you grab a drink, pee, maybe a cigarette break, food? Then you head back in for the 2nd half...of Summer?

To us, summer is a state of mind, because life is always better in flip flops Comfyballs.

And we've decided to "ruin" your summer with more new stuff and surprises. And we're not done for the summer either. You're welcome.

We have a great returning classic. The 1st model we conquered continents with: the Black Rose (image). Back to conquer more as they say.

We have three more new models. The Blue, the Orange and the Summer Flower. Great names you say? Well, we didn't look hard. Really. No effort at all. None.

And our top-selling, 1st ever model for another fjord than our home ford, the Swiss Limited Edition is now available in multi-packs.

Comfy summer!


Knut holding on to his future. Comfy though.

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