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Dear Blick reader,

Ever think it wasn't possible to innovate for your intimate parts? Think again. At Comfyballs we're serious about not being too tight! Roam around uncontrollably, not unlike your balls without Comfyballs, and discover what we can do for you.

The world's best boxer shorts? You wouldn't know unless you try.

Stay Comfy!



Why Comfyballs?

Traditional boxer trunks are not designed to keep your equipment sufficiently in place. We wanted to change that, and have developed what we believe are the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made.

Here's the concept: when you move, they don't.

And don't forget, when you wear Comfyballs, you wear them.


Size matters?

The optimal combination of elasticity, form, material and flatlock seams resulted in the PackageFront®.

Instead of pressing your intimate parts down and towards your body (skin on skin), we give them a proper lift, enhancing support and breathability, transporting heat and sweat away from your body. And yes, we lift all sizes.

There are even rumours of a pleasant presentation effect, confirmed by our clients' (happy) wives.

And you thought we forgot about you, the women?

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