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    Valentine's Day can be pretty expensive to celebrate. Flowers are more expensive, jewellery already quite steeply priced and restaurants pimp everything with overpriced menus.

    The good news though, here’s our beautifully-patterned-filled-with-red-roses-cotton-Valentine-boxer-briefs, available with hearts in front (and in the back!).

    If that’s not enough, “barentain” is Japanese for Valentine. Say “barentain dē omedetō gozaimasu” to be more polite. Then again, there’s also KUCHISABISHII!!!!, for when you’re not hungry, but you eat because your mouth is lonely. So there!

    And the GREAT NEWS, we guarantee comfort at our usual prices. We're even throwing in a LOVELY 20% when you buy two articles or more from our Valentine collection.

    Use code NOTALONE23 at checkout. Happy Valentine!

  • Material

    COTTON - the perfect everyday underwear!

    Cotton is our most popular range because the model is highly versatile while Comfy! When temperatures fluctuate, these boxers keep you cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cool. They’re comfortable and adapt, regardless of your activity.

    The combed single jersey Aegean cotton (40/1, 180 gr/m2) is our “weapon of choice” chosen for its high quality. The cotton fibres are combed before spun into yarns to avoid short fibres and unwanted particles. This makes the high-grade fabric extremely soft with impressive durability. We add Lycra to give a strong and flexible hold and to maintain high fabric breathability. All Comfyballs are OEKO-TEX® 100 certified.

    92 % Cotton / 8% Lycra®

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