Black Strap Bra & String Bundle

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Step into a world of unparalleled comfort with our Black string and bra "Comfy" bundle! Is it magic? Nope. But it's our revolutionary Comfycel material at work. Designed with you in mind, this bundle feels like a gentle hug, all day, every day. Forget about the age-old dilemma of style vs. comfort; we've mashed them together in an elegant embrace of softness.

Whether you're scaling mountains, diving into deep conversations, or simply lounging, this bundle is will bring satisfaction and comfort. Boasting the whispered name "comfy" on its fabric, it's a silent promise of luxurious ease.

Warning: Once you experience Comfycel, regular underwear might just start to feel like sandpaper. You've been warned.

COMFYCEL® - daily luxury for your most loved parts.

Made from a melange of Lyocell fibres and Aegean cotton, ensuring pure comfort with a sustainable fabric.

Lyocell is increasingly popular due to its environmentally friendly production. Our own-developed COMFYCEL® uses the latest and best of Lyocell in an optimal mix with cotton and elastane.

Known to be pleasant to the skin, COMFYCEL® is 50% more absorbent than cotton. It regulates your body temperature, keeps you dry and leaves no smell. It's even hypoallergenic and doesn't cling.

We also use combed single jersey Aegean COTTON for its extreme quality. Read more about it under any cotton model.

47% Cotton / 47% Lyocell / 6% Elastane®

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